Turn websites into data, without the hassle.

tubes.io is a hosted scraping and web automation platform, built to scale. We make it easy to turn websites into convenient APIs that you can consume from your app, website or service so you can get back to shipping product.

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// Essential Features

  • AJAX

    Need access to a full browser-like environment. No sweat, Phantom JS is available. We also have Node.js, CoffeeScript with JSDom and Cheerio.

  • Rotating IPs

    Avoid blacklisting and stay anonymous. We rotate our IP addresses regularly to keep your operation running smoothly.

  • RESTful APIs

    Website lacking a convenient API? Use tubes.io to create one quickly and painlessly.

  • Scale

    We've got all the scale you need to run everything from prototypes to full-blown scraping operations.

  • Realtime

    We run your jobs in realtime which means you get the most up to date information at the very moment you request it. This also makes tubes.io an ideal platform for web automation.

  • No Lock In

    All scraper code is just plain old JavaScript. Don't like us? You can take your code elsewhere, though we like to think you'll have plenty of good reasons to stay.

// Testimonials

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    Rob Leshner — Safe Shepherd We've been able to scale without worry and save considerable time and cash which we've used to focus on our core business, and not scraping data.

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    Fenn Bailey — Adioso Quite simply, there's no product quite like tubes.io — For Adioso it takes a huge chunk of hassle and infrastructure off our hands.